Our Story


The Rocket Oven is an Airstream style trailer run by husband and wife team, George and Tori. The concept is born from the pandemic, a love of good food and wanting to work together to share our passion.

George is a trained chef and has run George’s Kitchen for nearly a decade building up a base of long-standing clients. Tori has a background in teaching and management consulting.

However, the pandemic meant George’s business disappeared overnight. Not to be deterred, the two of us with newborn Isabella in tow, came up with a simple business plan: deliver food boxes locally to respond to the demand for groceries. This was a great success but was never set up to be long term. We have always wanted to start a venture as a family so now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

This ignited a flame and The Rocket Oven was born!

We have a passion for fresh, locally-sourced, honest food, and have taken to the streets of Bucks in an airstream style trailer so we can share what we love doing with everyone!

Our Food

Our food ethos is simple: fresh, local and honest. These principles – and our amazing tandoor, coined The Rocket Oven – are the key ingredients to everything we make!

We specialise in making flatbreads using The Rocket Oven. This style of cooking uses a clay vase that cooks at 300 °C and means that when the flatbreads are slapped against the sides of the oven, they cook quickly and come out beautifully fluffy ready to be gobbled up. These fluffy discs are stuffed with anything from herbed falafel, tzatziki and sumac onions to slow-roasted shoulder of lamb gyros with a parsley and tomato salsa and roasted garlic mayonnaise.

A posh kebab is nothing without a perfect SIDEKICK! Our signature dish is our Rocket Fries - cheese fondue skin-on fries with jalapeño relish and crispy onions. Check out our showcase menu to tantalise your tastebuds even more.

All fillings are served in a homemade fluffy flatbread

All fillings are served in a homemade fluffy flatbread


Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb Gyros, Garlic Sauce, Skin On Fries, Lemon Pickled Onions with Kalamata Olives & Parsley

Buttermilk Chicken, Jalapeño Slaw, Habanero Mayo & Crispy Shallots

Herbed Falafel with Sumac Onions, Pomegranate Relish & Mint Tzatziki

Battered Halloumi, Jalapeño Slaw, Habanero Mayo & Crispy Shallots


Cheese Fondue Skin-On Fries with Jalapeño Relish & Crispy Onions

Panko Balls Filled with a Creamy Roux & Beef

Charred Tender-Stem Broccoli with Toasted Pine Nuts & Za’atar


All fillings for kids are served in a homemade fluffy flatbread

All fillings for kids are served in a homemade fluffy flatbread

Buttermilk Chicken, Shredded Carrot & Lettuce with Mayo

The Rocket Oven Route

The Rocket Oven is serving from The Pheasant. We are open Fridays 5-8pm and Saturdays 5-8pm.

Longer term we will have The Rocket Oven Route and travel around Bucks stopping at various sites.

We look forward to serving you mouthwatering flatbreads and fillings!

Hire us

We are also available for hire. Perfect for any outdoor occasion, our 18ft Airstream style trailer is a memorable addition. Whether you are planning a private event, wedding, festival, pop-up or a corporate event, this unique food offering will leave a lasting impression. Contact us today with your enquiry.